Center for Applied Research


The Center for Applied Research at CPCC addresses the research evaluation needs of educational institutions, community efforts, and national initiatives by:

  • Helping organizations develop and improve their programs to better serve their clients,
  • Enhancing organizational capacity through rigorous research and evaluation standards and practices, and
  • Advancing knowledge about educational reform and innovation.

Vision Statement

The Center for Applied Research is recognized as a leading research and evaluation firm based in a community college setting. The Center:

  • Is the Center of choice for community colleges and organizations needing research and evaluation services.
  • Promotes the value of evaluation in developing quality programs,
  • Takes a problem solving approach for community advancement, and
  • Actively engages in the state and national conversations about educational reform and policy.
Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

We value:

  • Building partnerships with our clients and providing customized services aligned with institutional needs.
  • Ethical research and evaluation practices including the treatment of human subjects.
  • The integrity of our work and believe in approaching our work with rigor and accountability.
  • Conducting research and evaluation studies that have an impact on organizations, their programs, services and clientele and providing them with the increased capacity for continuous improvement.
  • Contributing to the national conversation on educational reform that improves students' success.